Animal Hospital Glendale AZ

Since 1974, Glendale Animal Hospital has been serving the pets and pet proprietors of Glendale, Arizona. We are a full-assistance veterinary clinic committed to top-notch care for the duration of the life of your canine, feline, flying creature, reptile, and additionally little extraordinary.

We are a completely prepared medicinal and careful office intended for and committed to, the consideration of your pet. Our training can offer support for some exotics, for example, ferrets, fowls, hares, rodents, gerbils, guinea pigs, and tortoises. Complete and far-reaching care is our forte, which incorporates protection prescription and dentistry, general and orthopedic medical procedure, inward medication, diagnostics, ultrasound, and serious consideration.

Glendale Animal Hospital balances our full administrations with our Boarding and Grooming office associated with the medical clinic. We have a very much ventilated and open boarding office to house your pet while you're away. We know the need of choosing another veterinarian for your creature can show a difficulty since wellbeing administrations are close to home. Our motivation is to live up to your high desires of value care and administration in an expert, yet customized way and we endeavor to pick up your certainty by staying delicate to your needs.

We invest wholeheartedly in being one of a select gathering of veterinary emergency clinics in the territory of Arizona having earned participation in the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). The target of this affiliation is to give your pet the best systems of present-day prescription and medical procedure including gear, practice strategies, and the executives. To stay aware of the developing abundance of information in veterinary consideration, our veterinarians and care staff take an interest in proceeding with instruction and preparing all the time. We will keep on satisfying AAHA's inflexible guidelines so as to give the most excellent therapeutic and careful consideration for your pets. We welcome you to study our different accreditations and affirmations.

Animal Hospital Glendale AZ

Animal Hospital Glendale AZ

Pets We Serve

At Glendale Animal Hospital pet consideration is our obsession and need. That is the reason we are focused on giving the best consideration to an assortment of your family pets, including: vet in glendale

Regular Household Pets: Canine, FelineOutlandish Pets: Birds, Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, RodentsReptiles: TortoiseDomesticated animals: Goats, Sheep, LlamasOther: Chickens, Geese, Ducks, Peacocks, Turkeys

Vaccination We ProvideDogs

Little dogs should be immunized at 6 two months; 9-11 weeks; 12-14 weeks and 15-17 weeks old. Grown-up hounds are immunized yearly for DHPPC and Bordetella. The main rabies immunization is beneficial for one year, ensuing rabies shots the most recent 3 years.CatsCats should be inoculated at 3-5 weeks; 11-12 weeks; and 14-15 weeks. Grown-up felines get yearly 4-in-1 immunizations and FELV in substitute years. The main rabies antibody is beneficial for one year, ensuing rabies shots the most recent 3 years. We prescribe testing for FELV before immunizing.Contact Glendale Animal Hospital for a free appointment. 


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Phone: (800) 275-8777 
Address:101 N Verdugo Rd, Glendale,
 CA 91206 

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