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Animal Wellness Glendale

Our goal is to restore and achieve the utmost Pet Wellness Glendale by using gentle, non-toxic methods that promote the body's natural healing ability. We genuinely care about your pet's health and well-being, and we will go to great lengths to provide the best care possible at Animal Wellness Glendale. We are a full-service integrative veterinary practice that combines holistic and traditional treatment methods to ensure your animal's health.

You can be confident that your pet will receive vaccination based on their level of need at Animal Wellness Glendale. Non-core vaccination protocols are tailored to your pet's specific needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. In addition, we provide recommended care such as routine dental cleanings, ear cleanings, and pedicures.

Routine Care: Thorough examinations by the doctor and the necessary vaccinations based on the age of the animal and the owner's lifestyle. We also provide a variety of parasite control options.

Dentistry: We provide dentistry for cats, dogs, and rabbits/pocket pets. A dental on your pet is a day procedure that requires general anesthesia. Your pet needs to be sedated so the technicians and doctors can examine each tooth and healthy gums. An ultrasonic scaler is used to clean each tooth individually. Unhealthy teeth are extracted, and the gums are sutured shut. After that, the remaining teeth are polished. Reassured that pets are discharged with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories as needed.

Dermatology: Skin problems can affect pets in a variety of ways. Our doctors have a variety of tools at their disposal to diagnose and treat common problems. In severe cases, we can arrange for a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist.

Surgical Procedures: We provide a variety of preventive procedures, like neutering and spaying, as well as restorative surgeries at Companion Care Pet Hospital. We provide orthopedic surgery and other procedures such as foreign body removal, mass removal, bladder stone removal, hernia repair, and more.

Plans for Preventative Care: Animal Wellness Glendale provides a convenient and cost-effective method to provide your pet with the care they require.

Medical Assistance: We can treat a wide range of medical disorders and provide accurate diagnosis of root causes faster. Thanks to our knowledgeable staff and in-house advanced diagnostic equipment. We feel that treating the fundamental reason is more important than treating the symptoms.

Grooming: Pet grooming is more than simply a haircut; it also serves your pet's sanitary needs. Hygiene is crucial not only for your enjoyment but also for the health of your pets. Like the service offered at Cat Clinic Glendale, grooming is necessary to keep pets healthy and free of parasites and skin diseases. In the warmer summer months, cutting your pet's fur helps them maintain a healthy body temperature. Bathing and grooming services for cats and dogs, flea and tick control treatments, itchy skin treatments, spot-on deodorizing treatments for dogs, pet dental cleaning, nail grinding and pedicures, and more are available.

Counseling for Behavioral issues and Nutrition: Our knowledgeable doctors and staff can advise you on your pet's age-appropriate nutritional requirements. We can also help with common problems like house-soiling, aggression, barking, chewing, etc.

Pharmacy: Our pharmacy has a large selection of medications, vitamins, shampoos, and heartworm, flea, and tick prevention items. Therapeutic diets are also available.

Permanent identification: Microchip identification is available.

Services in Radiology: Our in-house digital x-ray technology produces high-quality radiographs in a short amount of time, allowing us to accurately detect various illnesses.

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We aim for your pet's wellness with High-Quality Care, Preventive Care, Expertise, Empowering Care at Animal Wellness Glendale. To know more on the full veterinary services offered, Call us now!